James Miller Photographer | Thoughts on Photography


      While there are many categories of photography they divide into two major headings: Candid & Formal.  You might call them “as it happens” and “those you have time to arrange.”  Some categories overlap such as a wedding where there are posed photos and those “as it happens.”

      Candid photography is “shooting as it happens.”  There is no time for posing or changing camera settings.  Categories that would fall under candid would be sporting events, parties, picnics, concerts, banquets, wedding receptions, dances, recitals, reunions, school plays, parades, hiking,  pets at play, children on the move, stock photos.  Of course there can be a few posed photos taken during any of these events too.

    “Use right brain when shooting, left brain when looking over contact sheets.  Paraphrased, this becomes… Shoot first, ask questions later.”  — Blake Andrews

      Formal photography involves planned shots; times when you can play with camera settings, arrange groups, pose people, wait for the right lighting, and take multiple shots.  This can include anything posed, portraits, weddings, group photos, staged events, fine art photos, industrial photography, landscapes, building interiors & exteriors, flowers, food advertising, architectural features, and events such as graduations where there is a pause in the action so a photos can be taken.

      On subsequent pages some of these will be described in greater detail.


Creative Casual Photography

       *        families sometimes have a good amateur photographer in the family

       *        families sometimes have a member who unfortunately thinks they are a good amateur photographer

       *        family photographers very seldom appear in the family photo album

       *        family photographers do not participate in many of the family’s activities but are clicking away

       *       a professional photographer is an outside observer who has the equipment to take both close and

                    distant shots and still be available for the “Let’s get a group shot”

      *       with digital technology photos can be edited and all members of the group can have prints

      *       single persons also need photos with special friends or family