James Miller Photographer | Photos around your home: in & out

Your Home

Exterior & Landscaping Photographs:
    •    seasonal photos (perhaps a series of one each season)

    •    special decorations (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s, July 4th)

    •    a favorite flower when blooming

    •    snow-fort or igloo that recently became part of your landscape

    •    fall color of a tree(s) in your yard

    •    your gardens throughout the blooming seasons

    •    photo of a garden you have seen and would like to use as a pattern

    •    special yard decorations such as trellis, statuary, benches, ponds, fountains

    •    exterior images of your home and special architectural points are important for insurances purposes should disaster strike


Interior & Heirlooms:
    •        interior photos of each room and area are important for filing insurance claims

    •        special attention should be given to unusual or one of a kind items, family heirlooms, antiques, paintings and other artwork

    •        collectibles, athletic equipment such as golf clubs, jewelry or other items which need documentation in filing an insurance


    •        photos will also assist you in remembering all the items such as lamps, table decorations, nick-knacks, doilies, wall


    •        these photos should be stored in your safety deposit box or with a relative or close friend