James Miller Photographer | About

I am a native of northeast Ohio and have been fascinated with cameras from a very early age.  My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye and I have been shooting ever since.

Coming to Louisville for graduate school presented new areas to explore.  In 1975 my wife & I started a pipe organ service company.   This was an opportunity to travel to new places to make photographs. Covering nine states and also taking photos for the work of the company was awesome.

In 1981 the Canon AE1 came out.  It was the first camera to utilize a computer chip and was the camera I used for nearly 25 years.  The AE1 was replaced when Canon introduced their Rebel XT digital SLR.  I was so pleased with the camera and so annoyed at having to change lenses all the time, I bought a second one.  With these cameras I shoot 3000 photos or more a month (the record is over 10,000 in one week!).

Selling the organ company after 35 years has allowed photography to become a full-time passion.  One of the best parts is working with people. 
My goal is to assist people in saving their life memories through photography.


There are resources available such as articles about photography, ideas for portraits and candid shoots . . .